February Mom of the Month - Lisa

Congratulations to our February Mom of the Month, Lisa Scott!

Lisa joined Fit4Mom Pearland in June of 2016 with her son, Robert, and is currently expecting a new baby girl, Ellie, in April! She now attends Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby classes. Lisa is such a sweet, hardworking mother and has such an excitement and passion for life. We are so lucky to have her in Our Village and can't wait for her new addition to join us in class!

"Lisa is such a great addition to our Saturday classes. She always comes to class with a big smile and great work ethic. Her positive attitude is infectious. It's been so fun getting to know her and her sweet family, and I can't wait to see her more often after her newest addition joins us!" - Katie Fenn, Instructor

"Lisa always has a smile on her face. She has such a warm and inviting personality and is almost always one of the first ones to welcome a new person to the group." - Kara LaVictoire, Instructor

Tell us about you and your family.

I grew up in Palm Harbor, Florida. I am a woman of God. I am the daughter of two amazing parents, sister to three fun and accomplished women, wife to my soul mate and best friend, mommy to the sweetest boy in the world, Robert (and baby girl, Ellie, due in April!). I work remotely from home as Director of Admissions Operations for Florida Southern College. We just moved to Pearland from Florida in June 2016 for my husband to pursue a two-year orthodontic residency at UT-Houston. Jon and I have been together for 9 years and married for almost 6 years. We are loving our time in Houston before we move back to Florida in August 2018 when Jon is done with residency. I am so thankful for Fit4Mom for providing such a special and inspiring village of mamas!

How did you hear about Fit4Mom Pearland and what made you start going?

Funny story, thanks to my husband. Only a couple of weeks after we moved here, Jon had Robert and our golden retriever, Lady, at Southdown Park while I was working. He texted me saying “I don’t know what this is, but there’s this big group of women with strollers running around. Looks cool!” And with that, he approached someone and asked what they were doing. I think I joined Fit4Mom the same week.

What is your favorite thing about motherhood?

Ah, everything! Being a mother has opened and grown my heart more than I could have ever imagined before becoming a parent. I love watching the miracle unfold of this tiny human who started as a ball of cells and is now his own little person. I love rediscovering through my child’s eyes as he discovers things for the first time. I love all the tender moments that only a parent and a child share. I love falling in love with my husband more and more as I watch him be such a caring and attentive daddy. I love the new perspective and appreciation I have gained for my own parents. I love the patience motherhood has taught me. And I love snuggling.

What are some of your favorite things to do without kids?

Oh boy, without kids?! So much of what we enjoy the most is with our kid! Being lifelong Floridians, we love anything outside – the beach, boating and fishing, camping. We like being active and getting into new adventures. I have ridden horses my whole life (English – hunter/jumper) and hope to pick that back up once our kids are older. I enjoy watching movies and reading (…for about 10 minutes in the evenings before I pass out from a long day!) And I love a good girls’ night.

What TV show are you currently watching or book are you reading?

I don’t watch much TV anymore – no time! I am currently reading, “From One Child to Two” by Judith Dunn and “The Second Baby Survival Guide” by Naia Edwards. And every now and then when Robert is giving me a run for my money, I reference “Toddler 411” by Ari Brown and Denise Fields.

What are some of your favorite Moms Night Outs and play groups?

Anything with this group of women is always a good time! I have missed many of the Moms Night Outs and play groups, but look forward to being able to join in on much more once we have our new little one in April.

What advice do you have for other moms?

Let them be little. Embrace even the most difficult moments because they will be gone before we know it. Savor everything with your family. Give yourself at least one moment of every day to pause and be thankful. And always remember to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine!