June Mom of the Month - Alecia

Congratulations to our June Mom of the Month, Alecia LaSalle!

Alecia joined Fit4Mom 7 years ago in April of 2010. She has been such a role model for the new moms and we have loved having her in our Stroller Strides classes! Alecia is now taking the Body Back classes because her littlest one is now school aged and we're so excited for her!

"From her very first day, Alecia has always been such a joy to have at Stroller Strides. She bounces up to class with a smile and fun energy. Alecia is a no drama mama, a genuine friend and such an encouragement to me as a mom...making four kids look like a breeze! What an honor to watch her children grow over the years. I will truly miss her at Stroller Strides." - Elizabeth Kelley

"Alecia = FUN! She's always smiling with a great attitude, has a contagious laugh, a hard worker and the real deal. Alecia inspired others as she pushed herself hard in class, always rising to the challenge. Her fun spirit made themed classes, particularly 80's Day, a blast! I loved watching and learning from her as she mothered her four children. She's an amazing person, mother, and friend who will forever be part of the Fit4Mom family!" - Tanya Dietrich

Tell us about you and your family.

My husband and I met in high school we have been married for 15 yrs. We have four kids Aidan 12yrs, Ava 9yrs, Aubrey 7 yrs, and Amelya (Milly) 5yrs.

How did you hear about Fit4Mom Pearland and what made you start going?

I was going to vote one day and one mom was still in parking lot getting ready and I asked her about what those ladies with the strollers were doing? I emailed Elizabeth and went to a class a few days later. She was pregnant with Pierce at the time.

What is your favorite thing about motherhood?

When my kids get really tickled about something and can't stop laughing.

What are some of your favorite things to do without kids?

I like to be creative (sew, makes cards, scrapbook) or go to the movies

What TV show are you currently watching or book are you reading?

TV -just what ever is on DVR

Currently reading "Confessions of a domestic failure"

What are some of your favorite Moms Night Outs and play groups?

MNO - Game nights and painting

Play groups - crafts and splash pad play

What advice do you have for other moms?

Enjoy every stage of your children, each new stage and age comes with challenges and joys. It's hard to watch them grow up, but oh so exciting to see who your little people are becoming.