Stroller Strides Pearland


When I began Stroller Strides, I was pregnant with my second child, caring for a 10 month old, and heavier than I had ever been. We had also just moved to the area. Just over a year later, I am fit for motherhood in a way that I would not have been otherwise. I am surrounded by moms who care for their children, themselves and each other in a way that inspires me every day. As a stay at home mom with no family near, the opportunity to exercise while bringing my children with me is priceless. And with all of the songs, tickles and friends they love it, too! My kids get to see their mom making healthy living a priority (and I believe children learn from our actions more than our words) and that means so much. In addition to the exercise, the support and advice of other moms, the meals that showed up after I had my son and the fun play dates make Stroller Strides a highlight of my and my children's lives


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