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February Mom of the Month - Candice

Meet our February Mom of the Month, Candice Mack!

I absolutely love having Candice in class. She always has a smile on her face and is so welcoming to new moms. Oh, and not to mention she gives 110% during class. She is truly inspiring! We are so lucky to have her in our FIT4MOM family!

-Sarah Mann

"So many good things to say about Candice! Since I met her she’s been nothing but kind to me. If you need any kind of encouragement, she’s the one you wanna workout next to! I appreciate her letting me vent and bounce ideas off her after class all the time. She’s always there with great advice and is never judgmental. This mom life can be tough so it’s nice to have moms around like Candice."

-Ravonda Sanders

When did you join FiIT4MOM? Which class do you attend? Which class is your favorite and why?

May of 2018 I believe. I attend Strides mostly but have been branching out with Barre and 360 lately. My favorite class is Barre. I like the change of pace

How did you hear about FIT4MOM, and why did you decide to join?

A friend who used to live in Pearland told me about these “stroller moms” that were always at Southdown park. I looked it up and was hooked from the first class.

What is your favorite thing about motherhood?

My favorite thing about motherhood is the challenge of variety. In my previous career I had to be extremely organized and detail oriented. Now I thrive on the chaos lol.

Does your family have any special Valentine's Day plans?

We aren’t Valentine’s people so no special plans. However we do have a group of couples various stages of marriage that have dinner every quarter. The next one falls on Valentines weekend.

So far, what has been your favorite milestone to watch?

Not really a milestone but I’m loving watching how Camya is with her brother and vice versa. They’re bond is so special and I hope it stays that way.

What is your favorite advice to share with new mommas?

New momma advice I don’t yet feel qualified to give. But I’d say enjoy every moment even the hard messy ones. There’s always a silver lining.

What is your favorite place to go with baby?

I want to say Strides but that’s obvious. We are museum (HMNS) members so we love going to see the butterflies downtown or digging for bones in Sugar Land.

And lastly, tell us something interesting that we may not know about you.

Most know me as the Vegan one of the bunch. But I love to cook no matter what type of food