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Meet our January Mom of the Month, Kaleigh Batchelder!

"Kaleigh shows up to work hard! She always keeps such a high intensity and pushes herself. I love that she always stays positive and has a smile on her face" - Tabitha

"Kaleigh is a dedicated mom on a mission. It's only a surprise when she's not on the roster. She works hard and pushes herself in every class. You get the added benefit of baby blues and smiles from Wyatt too."...

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Meet our April Mom of the Month, Heather Barnes!

"Heather is such an amazing addition to every class she attends! She has such a positive energy and is friendly with every Mom she meets. Heather is a working Mom and seems to find the balance between work and family effortlessly. Whether a Strides, Barre, 360 or Body Back class, Heather will rock the workout and motivate others." -Katie Fenn

"Heather is a wonderful person inside...

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Meet our March Mom of the Month, Nicolette Nino.

Nicolette is an amazing mom and friend She is always with a smile and ready to give you kind words. When you need someone to push you hard be next to Nicolette because with lovely words, she will make you do your best. She is always in a good mood and ready to hear and give you advice or share her experience in case you need it. She is a great friend and I am so glad and lucky I met her...

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Meet our February Mom of the Month, Candice Mack!

I absolutely love having Candice in class. She always has a smile on her face and is so welcoming to new moms. Oh, and not to mention she gives 110% during class. She is truly inspiring! We are so lucky to have her in our FIT4MOM family!

-Sarah Mann

"So many good things to say about Candice! Since I met her she’s been nothing but kind to me. If you need any...

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"Sarah is such a hardworking member of ALL of our workout programs. She pushes herself so hard during workouts and goes out of her way to make all of our Moms feel welcome in our tribe. I admire Sarah's balance as a working Mom, and I love having Sarah in class. She is such a positive person and motivates others with her good attitude and outgoing nature."

-Katie Fenn

"I always enjoy seeing Sarah at class! She’s great to chat with...

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Meet our December Mom of the Month, Florencia Carbone!

"Florencia is a blessing to have in my life. She and I are lucky enough to live close while going through this journey called motherhood for the first time. We have a blast trying to corral our lively kiddos in class and during our much-needed afternoon coffee breaks. Florencia is kindhearted and has a sense of humor that keeps me laughing. Thank you for always being there (even...

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Meet our November Mom of the Month, Ravonda Sanders!

"Ravonda and I started Fit4Mom roughly at the same time. She was one of the first Mommas I spoke to. She’s always been super friendly and so easy to talk to. She has a contagious smile and is a joy to workout with. We tend to find motivation in each other to persevere through all the breathless lunges, squat and hikes…lol! I especially love the way she dresses her little one. Ravonda...

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Meet our October Mom of the Month, Lauren Menia.

"Lauren is such a sweet and fun mom. She is such a light at class and so much fun to be around. I look forward to seeing her every Saturday! She is a consistent, positive person every weekend!" -Katie Fenn

“Lauren is a sweet lady and always fun to workout with!” - Lili Enriquez

Tell us about your family

Our family is myself, my husband- George, our...

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Meet our September Mama of the Month: Kallie Gettinger!

“Kallie is such an inspiration. Her passion for her family and her work with children comes through in all she does and says. She is so happy and energetic and always great to talk to! She is a great friend and always makes workouts more fun.” – Nina Fullmer

"Kallie is so much fun to have in class! She always brings a smile and lots of energy. She is patient and loving with...


Michelle completed two 8 week Body Back Transformation sessions in 2019. Check out what she has to say about the program!

Back again for a second Body Back Transformation. I kept going back and fourth on whether or not to sign up again. I didn’t think I would see any difference in my physical results and I was afraid other moms would think, “Why is she here? She doesn’t need to lose weight”. Boy was I wrong! All of the ladies and...


Rachel completed two 8 week sessions of Body Back Transformation in 2019. Check out what she has to say about the program.

80% whole foods

Portion control

2 group HIIT workouts/week

2 home workouts/week

Daily challenges




That's all it took for me to lose 19 pounds in 16 weeks. 2 sessions of body back transformation and I am stronger, leaner, faster,...

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Meet our August 2019 Mom of the Month, Karlee Vestal!

Karlee joined FIT4MOM in August 2018. She attends Stroller Strides, Strides 360 and Stroller Barre classes. Karlee's favorite class is Stroller Strides because it is a great workout and she enjoys the strength training with a touch of cardio.

"Karlee is an amazing mama! She is one of the most kind, easy-going and thoughtful people I know! She answers all my annoying mom texts...


"The first 8 weeks of my Body Back Transformation ended yesterday and the results are in. I've lost some pounds and inches, I'm stronger and faster, and I've drastically improved the quality of food I put in my body. I'm excited to keep going with the workouts, continue with the meal plan, and further the friendships I've made with the women who did this with me. I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be, but better is best, and I...


"I decided to sign up for Body Back Transformation because I was tired. Tired of not fitting in my clothes, tired of putting myself last, tired of eating unhealthy, tired of not having energy for my kids, tired of always feeling disorganized.

Body Back Transformation was more than a workout class. I learned how eating healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming; jumping from diet to diet is not the way to live; meal prepping can save me...