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Meet our April Mom of the Month, Heather Barnes!

"Heather is such an amazing addition to every class she attends! She has such a positive energy and is friendly with every Mom she meets. Heather is a working Mom and seems to find the balance between work and family effortlessly. Whether a Strides, Barre, 360 or Body Back class, Heather will rock the workout and motivate others." -Katie Fenn

"Heather is a wonderful person inside...

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Meet our March Mom of the Month, Nicolette Nino.

Nicolette is an amazing mom and friend She is always with a smile and ready to give you kind words. When you need someone to push you hard be next to Nicolette because with lovely words, she will make you do your best. She is always in a good mood and ready to hear and give you advice or share her experience in case you need it. She is a great friend and I am so glad and lucky I met her...

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Meet our February Mom of the Month, Candice Mack!

I absolutely love having Candice in class. She always has a smile on her face and is so welcoming to new moms. Oh, and not to mention she gives 110% during class. She is truly inspiring! We are so lucky to have her in our FIT4MOM family!

-Sarah Mann

"So many good things to say about Candice! Since I met her she’s been nothing but kind to me. If you need any...

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"Sarah is such a hardworking member of ALL of our workout programs. She pushes herself so hard during workouts and goes out of her way to make all of our Moms feel welcome in our tribe. I admire Sarah's balance as a working Mom, and I love having Sarah in class. She is such a positive person and motivates others with her good attitude and outgoing nature."

-Katie Fenn

"I always enjoy seeing Sarah at class! She’s great to chat with...

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Meet our December Mom of the Month, Florencia Carbone!

"Florencia is a blessing to have in my life. She and I are lucky enough to live close while going through this journey called motherhood for the first time. We have a blast trying to corral our lively kiddos in class and during our much-needed afternoon coffee breaks. Florencia is kindhearted and has a sense of humor that keeps me laughing. Thank you for always being there (even...

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Meet our November Mom of the Month, Ravonda Sanders!

"Ravonda and I started Fit4Mom roughly at the same time. She was one of the first Mommas I spoke to. She’s always been super friendly and so easy to talk to. She has a contagious smile and is a joy to workout with. We tend to find motivation in each other to persevere through all the breathless lunges, squat and hikes…lol! I especially love the way she dresses her little one. Ravonda...

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Meet our October Mom of the Month, Lauren Menia.

"Lauren is such a sweet and fun mom. She is such a light at class and so much fun to be around. I look forward to seeing her every Saturday! She is a consistent, positive person every weekend!" -Katie Fenn

“Lauren is a sweet lady and always fun to workout with!” - Lili Enriquez

Tell us about your family

Our family is myself, my husband- George, our...

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Meet our September Mama of the Month: Kallie Gettinger!

“Kallie is such an inspiration. Her passion for her family and her work with children comes through in all she does and says. She is so happy and energetic and always great to talk to! She is a great friend and always makes workouts more fun.” – Nina Fullmer

"Kallie is so much fun to have in class! She always brings a smile and lots of energy. She is patient and loving with...


Michelle completed two 8 week Body Back Transformation sessions in 2019. Check out what she has to say about the program!

Back again for a second Body Back Transformation. I kept going back and fourth on whether or not to sign up again. I didn’t think I would see any difference in my physical results and I was afraid other moms would think, “Why is she here? She doesn’t need to lose weight”. Boy was I wrong! All of the ladies and...


Rachel completed two 8 week sessions of Body Back Transformation in 2019. Check out what she has to say about the program.

80% whole foods

Portion control

2 group HIIT workouts/week

2 home workouts/week

Daily challenges




That's all it took for me to lose 19 pounds in 16 weeks. 2 sessions of body back transformation and I am stronger, leaner, faster,...

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Meet our August 2019 Mom of the Month, Karlee Vestal!

Karlee joined FIT4MOM in August 2018. She attends Stroller Strides, Strides 360 and Stroller Barre classes. Karlee's favorite class is Stroller Strides because it is a great workout and she enjoys the strength training with a touch of cardio.

"Karlee is an amazing mama! She is one of the most kind, easy-going and thoughtful people I know! She answers all my annoying mom texts...


"The first 8 weeks of my Body Back Transformation ended yesterday and the results are in. I've lost some pounds and inches, I'm stronger and faster, and I've drastically improved the quality of food I put in my body. I'm excited to keep going with the workouts, continue with the meal plan, and further the friendships I've made with the women who did this with me. I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be, but better is best, and I...


"I decided to sign up for Body Back Transformation because I was tired. Tired of not fitting in my clothes, tired of putting myself last, tired of eating unhealthy, tired of not having energy for my kids, tired of always feeling disorganized.

Body Back Transformation was more than a workout class. I learned how eating healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming; jumping from diet to diet is not the way to live; meal prepping can save me...


Meet our mom of the month for February 2019, Jennifer Donnan!

Jennifer first joined FIT4MOM in June 2016. She has participated in Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and the Get Fit Challenges of 2018 and 2019. She is sweet, funny and an amazing mom to her sweet boys, as well as a great friend.

“Jennifer is incredibly kind. She is an amazing gentle mom and is always lifting those around her up. She always knows how to make me...


Meet our Mom of the Month for January 2019, Lisa McClanahan!

Lisa first joined FIT4MOM in June 2018 and has participated in Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and Strides 360, and is now also enrolled in the Get Fit 2019 Challenge. She has the sweetest personality and is always so friendly to any mom she comes across, and on top of that she works so hard every time she comes to class! She really brings the whole package...

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Introducing our December Mom of the Month, Grace Laing!

Grace joined Fit4Mom Pearland in May 2014 and has participated in Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and Fit4baby. She was also a play date captain for 2 years! This sweet mama is always welcoming and sincere, making any new person feel right at home. Let’s learn more about the fabulous mama who has given this group so much!

“I met Grace when our first borns...


Introducing our Mom of the Month, Julie Lindt!

Julie joined FIT4MOM Pearland in June 2017 and has participated in Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and Strides 360. She was such a rock star over the summer when attending classes throughout her pregnancy. She is a sweet friend and amazing mama to her sweet boys. We are so impressed with this lady!

“Julie is such a sweet mama! I’m so happy to have her back in...

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Introducing our Mom of the Month, Dana Van Horrick!

Dana joined Fit4mom Pearland in September 2017 and has participated in Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and Strides 360. She is a dedicated triathlete and a fantastic mom to sweet baby Kaelyn. We are so lucky to have this sweet friend in our Fit4Mom fam!

“I love when I see Dana at class! Not only is she a pleasure to talk to since she’s always happy and...

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Introducing our Mom of the Month, Michelle Moore!

Michelle started working out with Fit4Mom in May 2015. She has participated in almost everything that we offer including Bodyback classes, Fit4baby, stroller stride and stroller barre, the GetFit challenge, and the running group. She has an amazing amount of energy and is always a positive joyful addition to any class she attends.

"Michelle is such an awesome...

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Introducing our Mom of the Month, Bianca Santiago!

Bianca joined FIT4MOM Pearland in 2017. She has participated in Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and the Get Fit challenge in 2018. She is super welcoming to everyone she meets. She and her sweet daughter are a true joy to be with whether they working out, playing in the park after strides, or having fun at a MNO! Let’s learn more about this amazing mama that we are so lucky to have in...


Introducing our Mom of the Month, Kristina Cox!

Kristina joined FIT4MOM Pearland in March 2017. She has participated in FIT4BABY, Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and the Get Fit challenge in 2018. She is so hard working in class and out. Kristina is such a dedicated mama to sweet Molly! She somehow manages to balance work, friendship, playdates, and even takes time to share her yummy recipes with us all. We are so lucky to have this...


Introducing our June Mom of the Month - Allison Burkhard

Allison joined FIT4MOM Pearland in December 2015 and has participated in Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre. She is extremely dedicated to her fitness as well are her sweet boys. She always come to class to make the most of her workout and we are so lucky she is a part of our FIT4MOM family.

“Allison is very giving and a great motivator. We are grateful for her friendship!...


Introducing our Mom of the Month, Tabitha Stough!

Tabitha joined FIT4MOM Pearland in summer of 2017. She has participated in Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Body Back, and the Get Fit challenge in 2018. She is so motivating and supportive of all other moms. She rocks being a mom, running, teaching, and planking for super long times. We love this mama!

“Tabitha is so sweet. She is incredibly motivating as a mother, running buddy,...

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Introducing our March Mom of the Month, Kimberly Wegner!

Kimberly joined Fit4Mom Pearland in 2016 with her sweet son Ben and has participated in Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre. She is very kind and welcoming to all moms that she meets, and very easy to talk to. She has been such a joy to know!

“Kimberly is so upbeat and cheerful to be around. She puts lots of effort and intensity into her workouts which motivates others...


Introducing our February Mom of the Month, Vanessa Martin!

Vanessa joined Fit4Mom in March 2017 with her baby girl Alivia. She has participated in Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Body Back Workout, and now the Get Fit Challenge 2018. She gracefully balances work, homeschooling, workouts, and motherhood like a champion. She is super sweet and very easy going. She is truly an inspiring woman to know!

“Vanessa is such an amazing...


Introducing our August Mom of the Month, Vanessa Raymond!

Vanessa joined FIT4MOM in summer of 2014 with her son AJ. Since then she has participated in Stroller Strides, Body Back Workout , 5K/10K Run Club and added a little girl, Abby, to the family! Vanessa is a working mom balancing her elementary school teacher role with mom life! She has been a regular at classes all summer and we so enjoy spending time with her. She is easy to talk...


Congratulations to Lauren Martin, our July Mom of the Month!

Lauren began Stroller Strides classes with her daughter, Avery, in May of last year. Lauren comes to class regularly and really makes the workouts count! She is such a strong mother, physically and emotionally. Lauren is a great friend to all and is so much fun to get to know. We love having Lauren apart of our Fit4Mom family and are continually inspired by her strength and...


Congratulations to our June Mom of the Month, Alecia LaSalle!

Alecia joined Fit4Mom 7 years ago in April of 2010. She has been such a role model for the new moms and we have loved having her in our Stroller Strides classes! Alecia is now taking the Body Back classes because her littlest one is now school aged and we're so excited for her!

"From her very first day, Alecia has always been such a joy to have at Stroller Strides. She...


Congratulations to our May Mom of the Month, Kim Smith!

Kim is a shining example of sweetness, strength, and selflessness. She comes to as many classes as she can with her three sweet babes, Cooper (4), Sully (3), and Molly (9 months). She is always the first mama to offer help or encouraging words to whoever needs it and makes friends with everyone she meets. We are so thankful for her positive outlook and love having her in our...


Meet our April Mom of the Month, Sarah Buchanan!

Sarah has three amazing children all three years and under and still has enough energy to give it her all during workouts. She is incredibly motivating and inspiring to us all. Sarah is so easy to talk to, down to earth, and fun to be around. We are so lucky to have her in Our Village!

"Sarah is so genuine and has a way of making everyone feel at ease and welcome. She has great...


We are so excited to introduce our March Mom of the Month, Candace Cudd!

Candace began Stroller Strides with her two daughters in August of 2014. She is one of our most encouraging, dedicated, and inspiring mamas. She was just recently nominated to be a team leader for our Get Fit challenge because of her motivation and excitement for the group. She celebrated each success with her team, no matter how small. We are so lucky to have such...


Congratulations to our February Mom of the Month, Lisa Scott!

Lisa joined Fit4Mom Pearland in June of 2016 with her son, Robert, and is currently expecting a new baby girl, Ellie, in April! She now attends Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby classes. Lisa is such a sweet, hardworking mother and has such an excitement and passion for life. We are so lucky to have her in Our Village and can't wait for her new addition to join us in...


Meet our January Mom of the Month, Julie Meese!

Julie joined Fit4Mom Pearland in June of 2014 with her son, Nathan. Since then, she has had a beautiful daughter, Kate, and all three of them attend Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre regularly. Julie always comes to class with a positive attitude and is one of the first mamas to reach out after class to meet someone new. She brings warmth and excitement to every class and we are so lucky...


Congratulations to our very first Mom of the Month, Martiza Chavez!

Maritza has energetic 2 year old twins, Robert and Miranda, and they have been attending Pearland Stroller Strides for the past few months. They come as often as they can and work hard! Martiza was the first mom to reach her attendance challenge goal for the holidays. We are so happy that you joined Our Village!

"Maritza is such a pleasure to have in class. Her...